Integrative Analysis of Extremophiles in search for Biotechnological solutions (BIOINTEX)

A sustainable bioindustrial economy requires replacing chemical processes by green, renewable biobased alternatives. Microorganisms represent the best potential target for biotechnology. Among them, the extremophiles (microorganisms living, for example, under extreme temperatures or pH) include the most resistant cells and enzymes required to support the hardiest industrial processes.

This project involves four research groups, one Norwegian and three Spanish teams. The aim is to join multidisciplinary views to generate biotechnological solutions.


University of Bergen (UiB)

Center for Astrobiology (CABCSIC)

Institute for Natural Resources and Agrobiology in Sevilla (IRNASCSIC)

University of Sevilla

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Dr. Juan Manuel González Grau

Prof. NilsKåre Birkeland

Prof. Ricardo Amils Pibernat

Ass. Prof. Pedro García Vázquez

Ass. Prof. Ana Diáñez

Dr. Manuel A. González del Valle

Dr. Antonio García Moyano


NILS Science and Sustainability aims to enhance human capital and knowledge base in Spain and in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, by improving and deepening academic and research collaboration, promoting scientific research on strategic fields for Human well-being and Earth Sustainability.


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